Child restraint device use and misuse survey

The Child Restraint Device Use and Misuse Survey is sponsored by the Office of Highway Safety Planning (OHSP) and will be conducted by the Wayne State University - Transportation Research Group for the third time in 2009. There are two portions of this study including an observational survey and an interview/inspection survey. The observational portion consists of observing vehicles with children under the age of four as they drove through an intersection. The interview/inspection portion consists of conducting interviews/inspections at fast-food restaurants, day care centers, shopping areas, and recreational locations. The overall objective of this study is to track the changes in child restraint use and misuse that have occurred since the previous observational studies. This survey provides valuable information regarding the changes in child restraint use in relation to various demographic groups throughout the State of Michigan. In addition, understanding the degree or severity of CRD misuse assists agencies in identifying educational efforts that can be created to reduce severe misuse of CRDs.